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Rapportonline is a complete and secure application for creating financial reports in an easy way. The report system contains easily understandable templates, both in English and Swedish.

Everything you need to create your quarterly, annual and management reports.

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Make your own opinion on how it works. Test our templates and compare with how you normally work. Get started today! You can also book a demo to get started. Tell us what you would like to do and we will help you.

raooprtonline for all your reports

Create reports directly in the system

In Rapportonline, you create reports directly and use the built-in editor to write texts, set headings, etc. You can start with a blank report or select any of the templates that are availiable.

Collaborate and edit at the same time

Add your colleagues and others who need to write content or review content in the report.

Track all changes for all users

The editor has full support for tracking changes which makes it easy to see who changed what. You can also keep track on all versions.

Secure storage and access

All your data will be safe and securely stored with certified data rooms. There is limited access through secure login with 2-factor authentication. And of course support for needed secrecy.

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Welcome to book a meeting with us – unconditional. We are ready to show you how Rapportonlne can help your organization and provide more efficient and secure work with your annual reports, quarterly reports, and other financial reports. So you can focus on the business.

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